Areti Bank committed to the Fossil Free Certification

During the first week of February 2023, Bank Green Fossil Free Banking Alliance has awarded Areti Bank International Inc. the well-known Fossil Free Certification, as a way of recognizing and validating the commitment acquired to not finance projects or companies related to the production, sale or commercialization of fossil fuels.

“At Areti Bank we are proud to have the Fossil Free certification, because it is a simple and direct way to reflect our conscious commitment to sustainability on the planet and our immediate environment,” says Dimas Palmar, CEO of Areti Bank.

“The Fossil Free Certification is, without a doubt, a mechanism to commit to a fossil free world and to attract clients who are aligned with our values and principles as a sustainable and a humane bank.”, refers Yasmina Vucina, Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP Strategic Partnerships of Areti Bank.

For Areti Bank it is of great importance to make green investments with a positive impact on the environment and ecosystems. For this purpose, it also relies on the cohesion of a team of people who share its business and banking management focus.

Areti Bank is a digital, innovative, sustainable and avant-garde bank that thinks about the future of current and future generations. Frames its sustainability and social action policy in a fervent commitment to halt the climate crisis, hand by hand with various leaders of the international banking sector.

To view our active participation in Fossil Free, please click here: https://bank.green/sustainable-eco-banks

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